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Dyson for offices

Technology to improve your working environment

Dyson for Business - Offices - Technology improves comfort

From light levels, to air quality, to washroom hygiene, Dyson technology strives to improve workplace comfort and employee experience.

Find out how Dyson can improve well-being at work.

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“For technology to have a positive effect, it must work properly. By solving problems and relentlessly innovating, we strive to set new standards for performance and wellbeing in business and leisure environments.”

James Dyson, Inventor
Dyson for Business - Offices, CuBeam

Optimal lighting for business environments

Dyson lighting uses heat pipe technology to cool LEDs, maintaining brightness for longer. A combination of suspended and task lighting can contribute to optimal visual conditions, prevent over-lit spaces.

Dyson for Business - Offices, Washroom, Hand dryers

Fast, hygienic hand drying. Better for your running costs and the environment

Reduce washroom queues. Improve cleanliness and hand hygiene.
And significantly reduce your running costs and carbon footprint.

Dyson for Business - Offices, Fans, Purifier, Pure Hot and Cool

Cleaner office air

Indoor air pollution can be up to 5x worse than outdoors1. Air Multiplier™ technology that purifies the air can enhance office comfort and enables your employees to create their preferred work conditions.

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Dyson for Business - Offices, Hair care, Supersonic, Gym, Showers

Maintaining professional style at office gym and shower facilities

For workplaces with gym or shower facilities, Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryers enable fast drying, and styling with a professional touch.

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